Want to pass the Florida Life & Health Insurance Exam?

Want to prepare without doing it online?


Perhaps the best way to prepare is through our LHVC CORRESPONDENCE COURSE 94150. This course has been approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services as a pre-licensing education course.  This $200 self-study course uses the latest Florida required "Health & Life" study manual to prepare for the state exam. On page xx of the manual, it says “The knowledge you are responsible for and on which you will be tested is found in this study manual.” THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. This means if you thoroughly read, study, and review the study manual, you should be well on your way to successfully passing the state exam. The study manual has several methods of reinforcing its 30 chapters of information:

Ÿ After each chapter, there is a summary of the lesson material for that chapter

Ÿ After each chapter, there is a section entitled Key Concepts

Ÿ After each chapter, there are review questions (answers are in the back of the manual) to help you gauge how well you understand that particular chapter

Ÿ The glossary is a great way to review concepts presented throughout the manual

Ÿ The final exam review in the book can provide feedback on how well you know the material


The state requires you spend at least 60 hours of study before taking and passing our course exam. Of course the student must also take and pass the state exam before receiving the insurance license.

You may want some classroom instruction in addition to the self-study course or perhaps in addition to an online course already taken.  Four to six times a year we offer a 2-day classroom review. This $250 class uses powerpoint and a live instructor to review the essence of the book material to help you better understand what you need to know to pass the state exam.

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